Gorgeous multi coloured cowl

The cooler weather is upon us here in New Zealand. This bright, multi-coloured cowl is perfect for adding vibrance and extra warmth!


It is knitted in our SUPERWOOL range which is 100% soft merino and oh so cosy


Italian Superwool Colour 70 – 5 x 50 gram Balls.



15 sts = 10cms on size 6mm needles



Cast on 56 sts.

Set up Row: (RS): ([ K1, P1] 4 times, yo) 6 times, ending with (K1 P1) 4 times (62 sts)

Rows 1, 3, 5 and 7 (WS): ([K1, p1], 4 times, p1) 6 times, end with (k1, p1) 4 times

Rows 2, 6, 8 (RS): ([K1, p1], 4 times, k1) 6 times, end with (k1, p1), 4 times

Row 4 (RS): (C8b, p1) 6 times, C8B

Repeat these 8 rows until you have almost finished the yarn, ending on a row 8 leaving enough yarn to cast off.

As you knit row 8 drop the purl stitch in between each of the cables. When you drop the stitches let the stitch run down to the beginning of your Cast on row.

56 stitches remain.

Thread the cast off thread into the tapestry needle. Twist the cast off edge once to create a moebius twis. Sew the cast off edge to the cast on edge and weave in all loose ends then wrap yourself up in it!