Arm knitting yarn

Woolworx is thrilled to offer the latest craze in the craft world. Arm knitting is simple, a great way to introduce Women, Men and children, into the joy of knitting. We have just landed a range of 100% Merino yarn from Italy in five natural un-dyed colours. This yarn has a variance in thickness from 1.5cm to 2.5cm, there is 20 meters on a Hank, and this is enough yarn to knit a Scarf or Cowl. No need to purchase multiple balls of yarn, 1 Hank with be enough for any small accessories.

If you do not have the patience to knit with needles or want to see results fast, Arm knitting is the answer. Knit a Cowl or Scarf in 15 minutes, a blanket or throw in an hour. All you need is the yarn and your arms to start knitting, Google search Arm Knitting there are loads of video tutorials plus, step by step pictorial instructions. There are lots of free patterns on the internet, so get started, do not miss this opportunity to learn and enjoy an easy craft in under one hour. This is a fun craft, teach the whole family, your children will love to learn arm knitting too, then you can all show off your knitting projects together.

Each Hank is 200 grams, with 20 meters on a hank selling for $22 a hank. If using needles instead of your arms, you will need size 25mm needles or size 19 crotchet hook. The fibre of this yarn is in a pure state, it has natural binding to maintain its form, it also adds to the irregular thickness that is provided for its implementation. It has an exaggerated volume and is perfect for those who love wool in all its essence.

Hand wash only.

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