FREE Pattern! Diagonal Garter Stitch Lace Scarf

As Autumn approaches here is the perfect scarf pattern in a beautiful light yarn, great for cooling temperatures. 



3 Balls of Fusion Colour Light Green
20 sts to 10cm

Working Pattern
Cast on 52 stitches.
1st Row: k2, * YO, k2tog, k3* to end of the row.
2nd and every alternate row knit every stitch
3rd Row: K3, *YO k2tog k3* ending with k2.
5th Row: K4 * YO, k2tog, K3* ending with k1.
7th Row: K5, *YO, K2tog, K3* ending with YO, k2tog.
9th Row: K6, *YO, k2tog, k3* ending with k2.

These 10 rows make up the pattern

Continue with pattern until all of the yarn is used leaving enough for cast off.

Sew in ends, wash gently in cool water and block to dry.

Check out some of the beautiful Fusion yarn colours below!



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