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FREE Patterns - Knit or Crochet Cotton Dish Cloths

09. November 2018

These are awesome, easy one ball patterns using using Miss Tricot Filati 100% Italian Cotton.


Knitted Basket Stitch using 4mm needles.

Cast on 56 stitches, and knit 4 purl 4 to end of row.

Keeping knit stitches over knit and purl over purl for another 3 rows.

Then reverse the pattern over the next 4 rows creating the basket stitch.

Continue to the end of the ball of yarn finishing on the 4th row of a pattern section leaving enough for the cast off row.  Weave in ends


Knitted running block stitch using 4mm needles

Cast on 55 stitches knit 5, purl 5 to end of the row.

On the next row purl 4, knit 5, moving the running block over by 1 stitch on each and all of the next rows.

Continue to the end of the ball leaving enough yarn for the cast off row.

Weave in ends


Simple crochet cloth using 5mm hook

Make 43 chain turn.  Miss 3 chain then work 1 treble into each chain to the end.

Continue in this way to the end of the ball.  Weave in ends


Shell crochet cloth, using 5mm hook make 49 chain

Miss 3 chain work 4 treble into next chain, miss 2 chain, 1dc into next chain miss 2 chain, work 5 treble into next chain work to end finishing with 5 treble into last chain.

Next row is offset, work 3 chain, 1dc into centre of shell, 5 treble into dc of previous row continue in this way working 1 treble into last stitch.

Next row, 3 chain and 4 treble into 1st stitch, then continue on working 5 treble into dc of previous row and and 1dc into centre of shell on previous row.

Work to end of the ball.  Weave in ends.

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